How does it feel to live in a Mediterranean paradise?

What is life like in the midst of paradise gardens providing a perfect and lush green background for stylish homes on the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts and on the islands of Capri and Ischia?
Learn more about the typical interior style of houses in Campania, make virtual tours of private and publicly accessible homes, like luxurious and stylishly furnished hotels.
See what their courtyards and lemon grove pergolas look like.
Notice the difference between darker Sorrento intarsiae interiors and the light cane furniture often found on the islands, contrasting with the white-washed walls of homes on the Amalfi coast and on the islands.
Understand what both styles have in common, the ubiquitous floor tiles and interior terracotta elements. All this will be described in detail as the site develops, starting June 2012.

In the pictures above you see interior and garden views of the Sorrento hotel Gran Royal.